Everything you need to know about your adventure with Ottawa City Rafting.  If it’s not here, we’d love to hear from you.  Please feel free to contact us anytime.  We love to talk rafting and all things Ottawa River and Ottawa City related.

FAQ's and Policies

Advanced Reservations Are Required

Advanced reservations are required and can be made online or by calling Ottawa City Rafting at 1.844.688.7238 with VISA/Mastercard or by mail with certified cheque or money order. A 50% deposit is required to confirm your trip reservation with the balance due 30 days in advance of arrival (Ottawa City Rafting will automatically debit your credit card). Reservations within 30 days of your trip require full payment with the reservation. Full refunds are issued only if trip cancellation notice is received more than 30 days prior to the trip date. No refunds or alternate dates will be issued within 30 days of trip date without cancellation insurance. We accept “walk on” business if space is available.

How to Dress for your trip

We paddle rain or shine and almost never cancel due to weather. We STRONGLY recommend low cut running shoes, shorts or bathing suit. WOOL or SYNTHETIC sweater and NYLON windbreaker. COTTON MAKES YOU COOL AND IS NOT ADVISABLE. We sell inexpensive ponchos, river shoes and quick dry T’s and eyeglass holders. Eyeglasses must be secured.

Included in your trip

 All river trips are about 2.5 hours long and include paddle, life jacket, helmet and a friendly, professional guide as well we provide a complimentary drink on the river.


Valuables are your responsibility and should locked out of sight in your vehicle. Always lock your vehicle and your trip leader will ensure your keys are safeguarded while you are on the river.  Do not take anything of value down the river with you.

Ending trip at Take Out

Our trip does begin and end at Britannia Beach.  We start at Britannia raft down river from there to just up river from the War Museum.  We take out on Onigam St just after the bridge.  Click here for the google link.

If you’d like to arrange your departure at this location.  Please give us a  call (+1 844-688-7238) or drop us an email.  [email protected]

Group Rates, Discounts and Coupons

You raft free when bringing a group of 10 rafting e.g. a group of 11 has 10 paid spots and 1 free, a group of 22 would have 20 paid spots and 2 free and so on for larger groups. All coupons must be identified at time of booking in order to be eligible for the discount. The coupon will also need to be screen captured or a picture taken and emailed to Ottawa City Rafting or provided at Reception for the discount to be applied to the account. Our rafts are made for 11 but if your group is 11 or 12 and some don’t mind sitting, in the middle, then your group size can increase.

Participation Agreement and Release Form

A signed participation agreement is required by all participants before starting the trip. We have a digital signing process. The link in on your reservation as well as you can click here.

Cancellations By You

Full trip refunds are issued only if cancellation notice is received more than 30 days prior to trip date. No trip refunds or alternate trip dates are issued within 30 days of trip without cancellation insurance which must be purchased when reserving and is redeemable only in the event of illness, accident or bereavement and requires medical documentation.

Cancellations Due to Weather

While it doesn’t happen often, a thunderstorm can delay the trip. As they are fast moving, the delay should not be too long. If the wait is more than an hour and you can’t wait longer, we will provide you with a return voucher. Another weather issue is an east wind too strong to paddle against. Again, we will wait for the wind to subside. If it doesn’t after an hour we will provide a return voucher or a refund as you prefer.

Minimum Number of Rafters

It’s rare that we cancel a trip due to low booking numbers, we do require 6 people to run a trip. If we do not reach a booking threshold, we’ll attempt to find an alternate date for our guests. Otherwise a full refund will be issued.

Safety and Liability

While no experience is necessary, we insist you be in good health and possess average swimming ability. Minimum age is 5 years and minimum weight is 23 kg (50 lbs) for Ottawa City Rafting. Although we spare no effort to ensure a safe experience, we can assume no responsibility for your safety or loss of personal equipment. In the activities we provide, an element of risk is inherent and beyond human control. A signed liability release is required of all participants and a parent/guardian release for minors (under 18). A copy of our release may be obtained in advance. See above Participation agreement

Secuirity Deposit

All rentals require credit card imprint security deposit. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Alcohol and cannabis

Drinking or the consumption of cannabis is not permitted before or during your trip. Anyone who appears to be even slightly intoxicated before the trip will be denied participation. Refunds or alternate dates will not be given.

Rates and policies

Rates and policies are subject to change without notice.